Jeanne Moreau, L'Immortelle

Bay of Angels

Jacques Demy

Shot in gleaming black and white and lushly scored by the late Michel Legrand, Jacques Demy's ever-amazing Bay of Angels literally dazzles: everything about it, from the sun-struck Côte d'Azur with its glittering casinos, to the hardened ash-blonde glamour of Jeanne Moreau in a white suit, has a blinding intensity. Moreau plays a compulsive gambler who seduces a young bank clerk (Claude Mann) and drags him from casino to casino, from Nice to Monaco and back, as a mascot. "The picture is almost an emanation of Moreau, inconceivable without her…. a magical, whirling little film, a triumph of style" (Pauline Kael); "Crowned by a bleach-blond bouffant, wearing Gabor-sister eyelashes, and drawing on a ubiquitous cigarette as if it were her fuel source, Moreau is emblematic Eurotrash[,] and Demy's scenario is careful to edge this perfectly conceived social type toward an existential brink" (Michael Atkinson, The Village Voice).


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