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Before Midnight

Richard Linklater

Nearly 20 years after they first won audiences' hearts during their night in Vienna in Before Sunrise and 10 after their Parisian reunion in Before Sunset, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Céline (Julie Delpy) are now in their early forties, married, parents to twin girls, and have decisively passed from youthful infatuation to enervated middle-aged couplehood. Catching them at the tail end of a Greek vacation, Before Midnight patiently observes as the duo struggles to maintain the dying embers of romance in the face of everyday problems, the demands of parenting, and a painful store of built-up anger and resentment against each other. Once again co-writing the script with his two leads, Richard Linklater fashions a beautifully bittersweet conclusion to his much-loved triptych.


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