Rendezvous in August: Discovering Jacques Becker

Casque d'or

Jacques Becker

Simone Signoret gives one of her greatest (and most carnal) performances in Becker's riveting thriller, "one of the great films of French cinema" (James Monaco), recently restored to gleaming clarity. Set in the Paris underworld at the turn of the century, Casque d'or chronicles the doomed love affair between "golden Marie" (Signoret), so called because of her glorious cascade of blonde hair, and a carpenter (Serge Reggiani) who runs afoul of the gang leader who wants Marie for his own. "[An] elegant masterwork … one of the great movie romances" (Tom Milne, Time Out), the ever-resplendent Casque d'or was a favourite of François Truffaut: "Simone Signoret had her finest role ... Her performance is a triumph of sensuality; faintly smiling, she is so intensely, ripely physical that she takes command of the screen."


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