Here and Now: Contemporary Arab Women Filmmakers

Coming Forth by Day

Hala Lotfy

Playing as part of Coming Forth by Day with Nourhan Hesham

Following the 2011 revolution in Egypt, scholars like Amir Taha have pointed to the concept of a "New Egyptian Cinema," which challenges not just perception but also modes of production — a definition that places Hala Lotfy at the fore of this new movement. Working outside of the robust commercial Egyptian cinema as both a producer (EXT. Night) and director, Lotfy is independent through and through. Coming Forth by Day unfolds over a single day as Soad, an unwed woman in her late thirties, devotes herself to caring for her ailing father alongside her mother, the women's lives dictated by his impending death. Employing a quiet minimalism, Lotfy eschews easy didacticism on taboo topics like death as well as the status of women.


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