Here and Now: Contemporary Arab Women Filmmakers

House in the Fields

Tala Hadid

Unfolding over the course of a year, Marrakesh-based filmmaker Tala Hadid's documentary uses the seasons to trace the growth of two Amazigh sisters living in a remote part of the Atlas Mountains. Hadid observes the pair in their rural village, learning that 16-year-old Khadija wants to become a lawyer, while Fatima stops attending school to focus on her upcoming marriage. Their hopes and dreams are contrasted with the realities of their daily existence, from the subsistence labour they perform to the stunning natural wonders around them. The first film in Hadid's Morocco-spanning trilogy, House in the Fields uses direct address (nodding to the oral tradition of the Amazigh) to reject an anthropological gaze in favour of portraiture: of two girls, a community, and their place in a rapidly changing nation.


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