Jeanne Moreau, L'Immortelle

La Truite

Joseph Losey

In her second film with director Joseph Losey, Moreau gets to change her clothes a lot and swan about her designer home delivering lines like "Nowadays, homosexuality and heterosexuality mean nothing. You're sexual or you're not." Elegant, outré, and mighty entertaining, La Truite stars Isabelle Huppert — whom Losey discovered while she was bowling one night in Bayreuth (!) — as an amoral gamine who works on her father's trout farm and marries her childhood sweetheart, an alcoholic homosexual. After they move to Paris, she gets swept up by a chi-chi crowd of high-flying international financiers, playboys, and hangers-on, and ends up running a fish-farming conglomerate in Japan. Teeming with camp cameos (including Golden Age Hollywood star Alexis Smith, as an American matron who claims to have made love 33,000 times in 13 world capitals) and moments of exquisite cruelty, La Truite is "Losey's best film in a decade, [and] plum pudding for auteurists" (Elliott Stein, Film Comment).

Print courtesy of the Cinémathèque québécoise.


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