24 hours, 24 teams, 24 films. Grab some friends and sign up for this exciting challenge to write, shoot, edit, and submit an entire short film in only 24 hours. What better way to spend summer in the six?

TIFF Next Wave

Launch Event: TIFF Next Wave 24-Hour Film Challenge

Buy a ticket to register your team in this event. This ticket claims your team’s spot in the competition and includes complimentary admission for up to three people to the 24-Hour Film Challenge Screening on August 14.

Questions? Email us at [email protected]

This event is co-programmed by TIFF Next Wave, Future of Film Showcase, and TIFF Higher Learning.

The Challenge All teams will be assigned a prop, a "challenge" shot, and a line of dialogue that must be incorporated into the final film. Additional bonus items may also be included. These elements will be revealed on August 10 at the launch event at TIFF Bell Lightbox.

Registration Information A team registers by purchasing one ticket online, over the phone, or in person starting July 3 (June 26 for TIFF Members). The ticket price (that is, the registration fee) is $24 per team. Within three business days of purchase, the primary team contact will be emailed a registration form by [email protected] There is a capacity of 24 teams. Buy your ticket before the event sells out!

This event is open to youth ages 14-30. Up to three registered filmmakers will act as the “Core Team.” While teams are represented by this Core Team of three filmmakers, any number of youth can act as cast and/or crew. Adults and youth under 14 years of age may be used as actors only.

Final Screening All films that meet the criteria will be shown as part of the TIFF Next Wave 24-Hour Film Challenge Screening on August 14 at TIFF Bell Lightbox. The Core Team will receive three complimentary tickets to the final screening. To purchase additional tickets, visit the TIFF Next Wave 24-Hour Film Challenge Screening page.

Following the screening, one team will be awarded the grand prize! A jury selected by TIFF, consisting of film- industry professionals, will assess the finalists and select the competition winner based on originality, creativity, challenge criteria, and overall proficiency in form.

Schedule of Events Saturday, August 10, 9:30am–11am: 24-Hour Film Challenge launch event at TIFF Bell Lightbox. Sunday, August 11: Participants must deliver their final file by 11am. Wednesday, August 14, 6pm–8pm: Final screening of 24-Hour Film Challenge films. The grand prize will be awarded after the screening.

Additional Rules and Regulations All elements of film creation must be done in the 24-hour period only, including but not limited to: writing, rehearsing, costume/set design, shooting, sound work, and editing. The only work that may begin prior to the launch: organizing cast and crew, securing equipment, scouting/securing locations. All footage must be shot within the 24-hour time period of the project (no stock footage or footage created at any other time is permitted). Animation and special effects are permitted, but must be created during the 24-hour time period. Only original music, creative commons music, or music with documented granted permission can be used.

Maximum run time for the film must not exceed three minutes. Delivery of the final file must be in accordance with TIFF technical requirements (which will be emailed with the registration form upon ticket purchase). Only films that abide by all the rules and meet the challenge criteria will be accepted for the final screening.

The TIFF Next Wave 24-Hour Film Challenge is open to teams of filmmakers aged 14-30, comprised of between one and three official registered members (a.k.a. the Core Team). All participating filmmakers must be residents of Ontario. To enter, you must provide all information requested via the registration form, including parent/guardian permission for participants under 18 years of age.

For more information on the TIFF Next Wave 24-Hour Film Challenge, please email [email protected]

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