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The Stone Speakers

Igor Drljaca

Opens July 26!

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The fall of Communism and the Yugoslav Wars still haunt Bosnia and Herzegovina, where Igor Drljaca’s first documentary is primarily set. Yet parts of the area are experiencing a revival due to an alternative sort of tourism, based not only on gorgeous vistas but also on purportedly otherworldly landmarks. One is a statue of the Virgin Mary where, several decades ago, a group of children claimed to have had direct contact with her. Another site houses pyramids named after celestial bodies. But this country views its history differently than outsiders do; one woman bemoans the loss of the factory that kept her village alive and claims the last war was about profiteering, not ethnic rivalries — difficult to argue when you see attempts to make money off religious sites. From this visually striking and profound film emerges a portrait of a country struggling to come to terms with a rich and tragic past that is, to paraphrase Faulkner, neither dead nor even past.


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